Are Tamil Movies ready for mainstream gay characters ?

In Tamil movie ‘Goa’ there was a gay story line that too with a full song sequence for the gay characters, very similar to straight characters in any Tamil romantic comedy flick. Unlike the recent Hindi flick. this wasn’t a faux-gay role as portrayed in ‘Dostana’ either.

Also another recent tamil movie ‘Avan Ivan’ where Vishal plays an effeminate actor was a huge hit all across south. It had an awesome hero entry song and dance with hero in saree and full accessories. (You have to see it to believe the level of awesomeness.)

The big question now is, will any of the Kolloywood directors attempt to remake Oscar winning movie “Brokeback Mountain” in Tamil ? Does the current trend accepting trend of the Tamil movie audience continue to signal a cultural shift towards more societal acceptance of LGBT individuals in Tamil Nadu and the the Tamil diaspora ?