The focus isn’t his status

Thankfully, having a positive HIV status is no longer a death sentence.  The concern, unfortunately, today is stigma.  In order to help combat stigma, education about what it means to be HIV positive today, and what that means for transmission is extremely crucial.  I came across this article that listed 5 examples of which a guys’ status doesn’t matter.  After reading the comments, some people saw this article as irresponsible, saying it promotes “unsafe” sex.  When I read it, I saw it as another way to show people, that if you meet and hook up with a poz guy, the focus shouldn’t only be on him. Due to lots of advancements in treatment and research, there are things you can do to prevent transmission, and that the responsibility rests on BOTH people involved, and not just the poz person.  If anything, I saw this article as another way of battling stigma, by educating and informing people, to bring the focus back ones own status, rather than relying on the other person and their status.

“Can you guess what HIV status really does matter? Yours. To stay negative, or keep your HIV virus to yourself, the power is in your hands.”  Read it Here