Black Dog named Depression

I saw this video and thought it was a great way to illustrate what depression is.  I know for a lot of South Asians, talking about mental health issues such as depression, isn’t something that happens too often.  There is stigma around seeking help for mental health conditions because there is a fear around being perceived as “crazy”.  I wanted to bring this up, because for a lot of  South Asian guys who like guys, due to some of our circumstances, our mental health isn’t always addressed in the best way.  For example, if you are gay and feel you can’t tell anyone, or Bi and married, this type of isolation can be a big factor that could lead to things such as depression.  The depression then can affect all other aspects of our life, and then we aren’t helping ourselves or anyone.  I know for some, having mental health issues is like coming out of another closet, and its an added challenge for those who are dealing with their sexuality or gender identity.  If you feel you might be facing some of these kinds of challenges, give the video a watch, and/or give this article a read, which will give you a better understanding of what depression is and the importance of addressing mental health issues.  I also want to say that, there are millions of people who suffer from mental illness; some because of a chemical imbalance or hereditary factors, and/or others because of traumatic events.  Remember you are not alone in this, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.