The Truvada Controversy

In an earlier blog post, I spoke about PREP (Pre exposure Prophylaxis), a HIV prevention method which requires you to take a pill on a daily basis to add an extra layer of protection from contracting HIV.  If you haven’t read my previous blog post, the link is right here (scroll down to the post “PILL PREVENTION”).  The pill that is being used right now for PREP, is called Truvada and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it.  There have been studies published saying that it is effective in preventing HIV, but a lot of critics of this type of prevention are saying that it is reckless to promote it, because then people will stop using condoms and then more people will get infected.  Advocates for Prep are saying that it is better that more people have access to it, because despite people promoting the use of condoms, people are still getting infected, and its responsible to allow access to other forms of prevention, such as Prep to keep infection rates lower.  Watch the video below which talks about Truvada debate, and draw your own conclusions.