5 Things to Think A bout As Gay Men

Blogger “The Attractor” recently came up with an interesting list of 5 things gay men should stop doing, check out the list below.


1. Describing yourself as straight acting

2. Baring it all on Dating Websites, But still “Looking for Friendship”

3. Femme Shaming

4. Using Sexual Labels as Life Labels

5. Slut shaming other gay men

Check out the detailed article here:

5 Things Gay Men Should Stop Doing Now

What happens when you get tested?

Thirty years ago this week, the first commercial HIV blood test was approved (read more about it here).  Before that, HIV was an unknown. No one knew how it was spread or how to treat it.  Since then, there has been so much advancement in not only HIV treatment, but in testing as well.  Before it was a slower process which took 2 clinic visits over 2 weeks.  Sometimes you also had to wait 6 months to make sure you had an accurate test result.  Tests now can detect HIV in the blood just a few days after exposure.  This especially helpful, so you can find out early and get treated, and prevent transmitting it to someone else. There is also a test available called the rapid test, which can give you your result in just a few minutes.  If you want to know what happens when you go for an HIV test today, here is a video that was developed last year, which shows you what a rapid test is, and what can happen on a typical testing appointment    Check it out below!