The faces of HIV Stigma

With HIV nowadays (at least here in North America), it is not a death sentence. People who are positive, who are on treatment and taking care of themselves, are able to live full lives, while keeping undetectable levels of the virus in the blood.  Unfortunately though, the biggest hurdle that most poz people face is not the feeling of impending death, but encountering stigma.  What happens when there is rampant stigma around being HIV positive?   It’s hard to put into words what HIV stigma means (besides providing a definition) in order for people to fully understand it.  I came across this article that illustrates 9 examples of negative impacts (no pun intended), that can result from HIV stigma.  It talks about real life examples of people’s stories, which I found more powerful in getting the message across.  There needs to be  more posts like this, because the only weapon we have against this kind of discrimination, is education.  Give the article a read right here!