7 ways to safer sex

I came across this post today that talks about 7 ways to have safer sex and what I really liked about it, is that not only did it talk about just condoms listed as a method, but also strategies and methods that kept in mind the health and well-being of an HIV positive person, as well as one who is negative.  Sometimes when we come across safer sex messaging, often it’s only framed for someone who is negative, which doesn’t involve the positive person, and then it just comes out looking like, “How to protect yourself from someone who is HIV+”.  It can have a vilifying feel to it for the person who is positive as it paints them as someone to “watch out for”.   Keep in mind that, if you’re negative and have anxiety around HIV, there are some positive people who have just as much anxiety around transmitting it, on top of worrying about such things as HIV stigma.   So lets take care of each other and learn about different methods which empower both positive and negative people, in making choices around safer sex practices.  Give it a read here!