FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Rewriting the script: A love letter to our families (2001)

From the Youtube post:

“Rewriting the the Script: A Love Letter to Our Families is a video produced by Friday Nite Productions, a Toronto based collective of South Asians.

In the words of the collective, “This video is a gesture of love and appreciation for our families of origin. A gesture that attempts to create an opening within our communities in which our families may continue, the often silent, struggle against homophobia. This video is dedicated to shattering those silences that keep us apart and to inspiring strength and courage that bring us together.”

This documentary explores the loves, lives and sexualities of Queer South Asians and their families of origin. Parents, siblings and family members talk about the struggle to re-write and re-define their relationships.

Production Crew: Leela Acharya, Farzana Doctor, Anju Gogia, Deena Ladd, Arif Noorani, Amina Ally”

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