Introducing: Looking for PrEP

Over the summer Dosti & Snehithan will be featuring a series of guest bloggers.  Alex Aviance is the first in this series with his blog entitled: Looking for PrEP.  Looking for PrEP is a blog mini-series focusing on Alex’s journey with PrEP as a South Asian man living in Toronto.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by guest bloggers are solely theirs and do not necessarily reflect that of Dosti, Snehithan, Lassi, or any programs and services of ASAAP. 

About the Author:

Alex Aviance is a young, queer man who lives and blogs in Toronto, Ontario. His interests include theoretical physics, cooking, World of Warcraft, and Ru Paul’s Drag race. Alex currently holds a B.A. in Journalism from Ryerson University and has plans to return to school to study social work. He hopes to pursue a career working in the field of queer men’s sexual health. His idols include Naomi Campbell, Anna Nicole Smith and Tammy Faye Bakker. You can often find him consuming far too many carbohydrates, destroying the patriarchy, and very likely engaging in a Twitter war @AlexAviance.

Useful Resources:

If you are thinking about PrEP please contact a physician for more information. Below are a few links that might help answer your questions, if there are any more contact us!

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