There is No Wrong Way to Be Out was created to complicate the dominant narrative around coming out. It aims to provide more insight into the nuanced lives of South Asian guys who like guys. To request copies, please contact Ramraajh… Read More ›

Importance of Queer South Asian Spaces

I came across this article titled, “Some people are Gaysian – Get over it!” (From the UK – hence the Asian).  It spoke about the importance of having South Asian specific LGBT programming and support services.  Yes, there are a ton of… Read More ›

Opening up your relationship?

Open relationship? Planning a threesome? Playing separately? I came across this awesome and practical article (with some hot gifs) about opening up your relationship.   Here are also some quick rules that I came up with while exploring these areas. This isn’t a… Read More ›

Stigma in the Gay Community

It’s unfortunate to think that within our own queer communities, there is still so much stigma that we face amongst ourselves, let alone homophobia from outside queer spaces.  I came across this blog post from this group called OurSpace.  OurSpace… Read More ›

Seeking Gay Tamil Man

I want someone who likes long walks in the park. Scratch that, I want someone who likes to sit in parks, and judge people who take those long walks. I want someone who loves to read, who can fill me… Read More ›