Trans Day of Remembrance

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, an opportunity to remember and reflect on the lives of Trans folks around the world in all of our communities. Transphobia intersects with racism, ageism, culture and many other factors and is an unfortunate… Read More ›

CALL OUT: Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is conducting focus groups on sexual health with South Asian Youth (16-29 years of age)! Contact for more details! Are you South Asian, between 16-29 years of age? Interested in sexual health? Please take a minute… Read More ›

WATCH: Being Gay in a Brown Household

Coming out isn’t for everyone, but if you do come out it can go any number of ways.  Here are a few possibilities if you grow up in a Tamil home, care of Basement Reels. Warning the video can get… Read More ›

TIPS: Anal Sex

Sex between men can be tricky, here are a few tips to make anal sex a little easier c/o Tips include Diet Kegal Excercises Douche With An Ear Syringe Find The Shape Lube Relaxing Techniques Direct the Penis Don’t… Read More ›