7 ways to safer sex

I came across this post today that talks about 7 ways to have safer sex and what I really liked about it, is that not only did it talk about just condoms listed as a method, but also strategies and… Read More ›

HIV & Testing

Thirty years ago, the first commercial HIV blood test was approved (read more about it here).  Before that, HIV was an unknown. No one knew how it was spread or how to treat it.  Since then, there has been so much… Read More ›


I saw this video and thought it was a great way to illustrate what depression is.  I know for a lot of South Asians, talking about mental health issues such as depression, isn’t something that happens too often.  There is stigma around… Read More ›

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Now Available in the US

Nine years after Canada legalized same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court of the US handed down a ruling on June 26, 2015 granting the right for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states.  The LGBT media circuit has been overwhelmed… Read More ›

What’s More Important Than Gay Marriage?

Since 2006 Same-sex marriages have been legal in across Canada.  Although this has been the case for a decade most headlines involving LGBT issues have been focused on Same-sex marriage, as the US has had a slow state by state… Read More ›