Let’s talk about sex… ed!

By Suruthi Ragulan Sex education is rarely without controversy. As a sexual health educator, working with South Asian communities all over Toronto, I see firsthand how sexual misinformation, stigma, cultural and gender norms can all make sex a hard topic… Read More ›

Sometimes People Do Nice Things

In June of 2015 Toronto opened its doors to Canadian Centre for Refugee and Immigrant Health Care.  This isn’t a private corporation, nor is it a government funded project, the Centre is the product of dedicated volunteers trying to open a… Read More ›

5 Things to Think A bout As Gay Men

Blogger “The Attractor” recently came up with an interesting list of 5 things gay men should stop doing, check out the list below. Stop 1. Describing yourself as straight acting 2. Baring it all on Dating Websites, But still “Looking… Read More ›

What happens when you get tested?

Thirty years ago this week, the first commercial HIV blood test was approved (read more about it here).  Before that, HIV was an unknown. No one knew how it was spread or how to treat it.  Since then, there has… Read More ›

Over 30 Years After Toronto’s Stonewall

February 5, 2015 marks 34 years after the Toronto bathhouse raids, for Canadian LGBT history that’s kind of a big deal.  When we look at mainstream gay culture, the iconic catalyst of the gay liberation movement is often referenced as… Read More ›