Brown n Proud

“You`re attractive for an Indian guy!” “How can you be gay and brown?” “I don’t do Pakis!” Do these sound familiar to you? Research shows you’re not alone. South Asian brown bodies are rarely well represented in mainstream queer spaces…. Read More ›

Queer, Transgender, Tamil, Sri Lankan, and American?

Who embodies all of the above? D’Lo, a performance artist and comedian based in the US, D’Lo has made quite the name for themselves touring internationally including right here in Toronto.  In a recent show I had the privilege of… Read More ›

Remembering What Was Lost Section 377 One Year Later…

One year ago today South Asian Queers around the world received devastating news that homosexuality was again criminal in India.  According to the Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a Law introduced during British rule, sex between the same… Read More ›

Are Tamil Movies ready for mainstream gay characters ?

In Tamil movie ‘Goa’ there was a gay story line that too with a full song sequence for the gay characters, very similar to straight characters in any Tamil romantic comedy flick. Unlike the recent Hindi flick. this wasn’t a faux-gay role… Read More ›