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Dear Munni,

I recently had sex with a man at the bathhouse. I had never met him before and I don’t have any way to reach him now. I gave him a blowjob and he came in my mouth. The sex didn’t last very long and there wasn’t much time for talking. I get tested regularly for HIV but I didn’t get the chance to ask him about his HIV status and if he gets tested. I am worried that he might have a sexual decease and didn’t tell me. What should I do?

Ravi, Toronto.

Dear Ravi.

Bathhouses are very popular for precisely this reason – the sex is hot, quick and often very anonymous. Bathhouse sex can be great fun, just remember to protect yourself when you play. Luckily, sucking someone off is low risk for HIV transmission. If you are worried about other sexually transmitted infections, you should consider getting yourself tested for STI as well. Your family doctor will be able to tell you where to get tested, and you can always go to the Hassle Free Clinic as well. Anonymous sex can be really hot and is part of the bathhouse experience.


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